Island Air – "Affordable Flying"

AdWalls campaign (which is about as close as you can get to a billboard in Hawaii), created with a focus on Island Air's low rates.

Created at Core Group One, under the creative direction of Bradley Shin.


Olelo TV


Olelo has a prime spot on the front cover of the Sunday paper TV guide, and offers such a wide variety of programming that there is always so much room for creativity! Above are some of my favorites. Hover over for more information.

Created at Core Group One with Grant Miyasaki, Bradley Shin, and Zanette Choy.

Restaurant Week Hawaii – Digital Ads

Anyone who has experience in creating/trafficking a digital banner (especially an animated gif) will appreciate this. We had created a paint/food splatter look for Restaurant Week Hawaii 2015, and animated them in our TV spots and social media posts accordingly, but the task of not only animating the digital banners, but getting them small enough to be accepted by websites seemed impossible... and yet:



Student work. A series of ads for Greenworks by Clorox, emphasizing how their products are naturally derived, but are just as strong, great-smelling, and safe as any other cleaning product on the market.

Serious Pie

Student work. A series of ads for Serious Pie, showcasing Seattle's state-famous artisan pizza in world-famous works of art.


Student work. A series of ads for AIGA, promoting membership by highlighting its biggest contender: worth.

The Most Amazing Person
in All the Land

Student work. A series of ads for our own fictional business. (My initials are A.S.K.)