Restaurant Week Hawaii Takeaways


In 2015, the eighth annual Restaurant Week Hawaii marked the groundbreaking of the Culinary Institute of the Pacific at Diamond Head, which was made possible in part by proceeds raised through the event. Commemorative doggy bags were distributed by participating restaurants.

"Seeds of Celebration" were created in 2016 for the ninth annual Restaurant Week Hawaii, as a symbol of the growth provided through support of the week-long event. Three bookmarks were designed and distributed, attached with leaves made of seed paper containing parsley, basil and chive seeds.

Created at Core Group One, "Good Grinds. Fun Times" bag created by Linda Inamasu.



Jake Shimabukuro Poster


Internationally famed ukulele player Jake Shimabukuro often speaks to kids in schools, and this poster was created to be something he could sign and give out during his visits.

This poster went around the world and back, physically and creatively! Check out some of the early alternate versions.


MPPL Tournament T-Shirts

One-color t-shirts screen-printed locally and designed for fun!*

*Rent-free living and nepotism