Sharing Aloha

Tagline logos for the 2017 Great Aloha Run (the second largest road race in Hawaii). Each tagline logo was created with the intent of it being used in conjunction with the traditional "Great Aloha Run" logo.

The first option was hand-lettered, with as many letters "sharing" connecting lines as possible. This became the 2017 logo for the event.

The second option turned the petals of two adjacent hibiscus flowers into stretched hands, reaching to "share" each others' "aloha." This logo was later turned into a "In-Training" shirt for the same event.

The third option, pictured above, simply uses the anthurium's heart shape to describe shared "aloha" (or, love). This logo was later used to create a volunteer shirt, also for the same event.


iAGE Channel


iAGE Channel is a partnership with Core Group One and Oceanic Time Warner Cable, designed to create a culture of healthy aging for adults and their caregivers.

Due to its primarily older/family-oriented target market, the main goals in creating the iAGE Channel logo always boiled down to 3 things: incorporating the life/growth concept, being friendly/approachable, and being very easy to understand.

Since the majority of its intended audiences will never see the logo outside of their television (commercials for the channel and the channel itself), the logo's animation also follows the above criteria.

See also: the channel's intro video

Please Touch Museum

Student work. In 2013, our class was assigned a rebrand of a museum of our choice, creating pieces such as a logo, business cards, a letterhead, as well as an accompanying coffee table book. I chose the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, an interactive children's museum filled with exhibits about architecture, music, literature, space, town history, and more.

The logo I redesigned features a ready-to-touch hand, formed out of a lightbulb's filament, showing that ideas and learning can come from hands-on experience.

To further push the museum's awesome concept, the rebranding incorporates interactivity as much as possible, with a pop-up business card, and a semi-interactive coffee table book with fold-outs and overlaid spreads used to explain the museum and its many exhibits.

The book was entered in the 2014 Pele Awards (the District 13 American Advertising Awards Competition, formerly "The ADDY Awards"), winning a Silver in the student division, before thoughtfully being entered at the national level by AAF Hawaii then-President, Paul Lam, where it won a student-level Gold at the 2014 ADDY Awards.


Here's more student work:

School of Visual Arts: Giving new purpose to the school's mascot, Squidley the squid, by incorporating tentacles and a more aquatic feel to the mark of the New York campus, which is surrounded by the East and Hudson river.

Born This Way Foundation: Overlaying the shape of an egg to create a continuum of colors to represent love and acceptance through diversity in the digital age.

Dream Home Builders: D.H.B. is the foundation of the home of your dreams.

Kahumana: A hand-lettered namesake allowed for a more rural and personalized look for the Wainae-based farm.