Abstract Magazine

Abstract Magazine is a collaboration with Electric Pencil and AIGA Honolulu, pairing seasoned designers with emerging designers to produce the creative pieces in this quarterly (now annual) publication filled with stories about life in Hawaii.

I've had the pleasure of being a part of the exciting collaborative journey that is Abstract Magazine from Issue 3 (Summer 2013), being mentored by inspiring local designers like Wylie Nash of Genius Design and Chris Magpoc of dfi design.

Issue 5: Paper Works
Spring 2014

Pep Boys is about two men and the art of pepakura. The article design features dashed lines and folding tabs in the issue's metallic silver color, in reference to the cuts and folds pepakura artists use to form their creations.

Mentored by Leslie Tamonte

Issue 6: Take Action
Summer 2014

Issue 6's "Take Action" theme spanned articles about everything from physical activity to activism. Actively Making a Difference is of the latter, being a list of local organizations and environmental efforts anyone can join or support.

The Crowd That Cried Wolf is quick photo essay about how lively a crowd like Brent Wolfington's can get during a show.

Mentored by Scott Kawamura of Clutch Design

Issue 8: Midnight
Winter 2014

Watching the Watchmen tells the stories of a local nurse, security guard, and club bouncer, and all the things they've encountered while working the graveyard shifts at their respective jobs. This article's design is comic book-themed, playing off of the "Watchmen" reference in the title.

The "Midnight" issue's epilogue closes with Hawaii's most powerful sunrise: Haleakala on Maui.

Mentored by Chris Acacio

Abstract Magazine Media Kit

Being one of the longest participating emerging designers, Abstract Magazine editor James Charisma asked me to create a media kit for the magazine. After many drafts, we decided we really wanted to make this media kit stand out from the rest... after all, wouldn't the name alone already suggest it would?

This media kit was designed in 2014; please contact Abstract Magazine for the most up-to-date copy of this media kit if you are looking for it.