Some of the marketable skills seen in the above demo reel (work ranging from 2012–2017):

  • Logo animation
  • Animated titles/art cards
  • Infographic
  • Kinetic typography
  • Stop motion animation
  • Rotoscoping, motion tracking, compositing
  • Editing

University of Hawaii – Wahine Basketball Recruitment:
"20 Reasons to Go The Distance" 

This video accompanied a primary piece (also created by Core Group One): a live-action recruitment campaign called "Go The Distance." Both videos were to be shown to potential high school recruits, with a goal of convincing the young women to "go the distance" and play for Hawaii, as research showed distance was one of the biggest factors in these girls' decision to play or not to play for the University of Hawaii's Women's Basketball team.

Where the first video's purpose was simply to get them excited about the opportunity, this video's purpose was to get the viewers (and their families) comfortable with the idea of living in Hawaii in a way that is informative enough to battle any preconceived notions they might have about life in Hawaii, while also remaining fun and interesting.

iAGE Channel: Intro Video

Set to a custom score and jingle composed by local musician Duncan Kamakana (a season 4 contestant on NBC's The Voice), this intro video aimed to showcase one of iAGE Channel's main goals: repositioning life as cyclic.

The logo's theme of growth is also reiterated in the intro video (which also conveniently doubled as a TV spot).

Animated single covers

Directed and co-designed by Christopher Ahn, Grace Kim, and Renzo himself for the first two promotional singles from the local up-and-coming hip-hop/RnB musician. These videos would be primarily used when posting the songs to YouTube, in place of just the static cover image.

The first single, Stacks, composited falling $100 bills animated over R3D/4K footage shot by Christopher Ahn, while the second single, Shotcalla, was designed and animated entirely with composited images.

For the third single, The Kill (cover also co-designed by Ahn, Kim and Renzo), it was decided that since his music style was evolving, his look should take a new direction too, so the single cover has a much different design, and was also never animated.

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